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Why are we doing this? To help build a community of good people who want to do good things and make a positive difference our community, all while having a good time. iHi is looking to continually  build on that community as well as our our existing business, products, services and partnerships that all funnel into different solutions to build a different system.

Our current health-care system is not a system anymore, just by definition.

System:  noun. - a set of things working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network.

We are building solutions and news systems to create and build a better future for mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well being. So Party for the Cause and the Hill of Hope AirBnb are 2 of those services that help move the mission forward. We hope that our Island community will support our projects and follow our progress as we turn the funds generated into solutions and support for our fellow Island brothers and sisters. 

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Darren C. Blanchard

Darren C. Blanchard

The AUTHENTIC MisFit, Founder,

and Chief Bottle Washer

I've had an interesting career from restructuring

fortune 200 companies staffing & recruiting strategies, to the award winning CEO of NIMTech, to making an award winning hand-crafted sea salt with The Prince Edward Island Sea Salt Co. And through it all I've always been involved in my local community organizations in some capacity.

After losing a friend to suicide, and a mental health issue relapse, I did a deep dive into our health care system. Interviewing multiple RNs, Psychiatric RNs and caretakers within the system across multiple locations in 3 provinces. My conversations were more than a little disturbing, and  everyone concluded that the system is very badly  broken. These health care professionals are working against the odds trying to help those within a failing system.     

It's simple...we have a health-care crisis, and an even worse mental health crisis on our hands. So iHi, Party for the Cause, & PEI Sea Salt are all push the same mission.  It's time for the people of our Island community to come together to help our fellow Island brothers and sisters. All in the name of love and kindness. 

Please join us and be part of the journey to find solutions to our current issues. Your part can be sharing a piece of our content. :)


Keep Smilin'

Darren C. Blanchard 

Are one of these individuals you?

Are you a Good and Decent Human Being?

You are someone who sees the systems we have come to reply on in our community, become defunct. You keep hearing every election cycle that something will be done this time to fix it. And it never does.

We believe the time has come where our local community can can take control of the direction of our mental health support systems and really do something about it.  Its time that we come together and can take control of and support those in our community in need. 

Are you that person? Please contact us if you are and join us on this journey of change.

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